Tenga Egg Sex Toys

Tenga Egg Sex Toys

Egg sex toys are among the most popular sex toys that are available in the market today. You get a wide range of options like the basic model or the more adventurous vibrating ones. In a world where every a man is looking to fulfil his sexual experiences without the need of a woman, such sex toys have risen in popularity. You will see that our website offers some of the best sex toys like Tenga egg sex toys and dildos varying in different size and shapes. We have so many options for you that the only problem you will face is choosing the sex toy.

Uses of Tenga Egg

Egg sex toys have a lot of versatile uses by both men and women. At first, these sex toys were designed in such a way that it was primarily used for external stimulation of the erogenous zones. Today, the modern designs allow you to use these toys for penetration as well. Egg sex toys can be used with a sexual partner as a part of foreplay or intercourse. Some these sex toys are double-sided to allow double penetration for both the partners at the same time.

Other details

Tenga is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing pocket-sized masturbators, or egg toys, for more than a decade now. The company’s most famous product is the Tenga egg, which is also the cheapest offering. The uniqueness of the sex toy is that it is small and looks cute. It is so small that you can carry it around without raising suspicious eyebrows and extremely useful if you are trying to spice up your sex life. The sex toy is made up of a silicone sleeve, which glides over the skin very smoothly. It is very stretchy and durable as well. Some egg toys also include a water-based lube for first-time users; if you want the most usage out of the sex toy, it is recommended that you do not use the lubes.

How to choose an egg pleasure sex toy?

If you are looking for a male sex toy, you should consider the following points:
  • The toy should be comfortable for the hand and penis
  • The toy should have a good suction action that every male looks for
  • There should be zero chances or a death grip, which means squeezing too hard
  • The sex toy should provide a reduced friction between the skin and the toy

Where to buy egg sex toys?

Sex toys can be purchased at many different physical outlets. You have the option of buying your male masturbator from online sex stores as well. Online sex stores are a better option if you think purchasing your sex toy from a physical outlet is a big hassle and generally less discreet. Additionally, many online stores offer great discounts from time to time.

How to care for Tenga Egg?

It does not matter which company’s egg sex toy you have purchased. In the end, it is all about making sure that your new sex toy feels new and fresh for a long time. But, it should be remembered that each sex toy requires a different kind of cleaning and maintenance. However, some cleaning instructions remain the same. You need to open your toy up and rinse the internal sleeves under a running tap. You can also wear a condom to prolong the usable life. Cleaning your sex toy will give you years of pleasure. As stated above, our website sells some of the best sex toys in the world. They are made up of the best raw materials that will not cause any sort of irritation or allergic reactions. Our toys also look so real that you will definitely mistake them for the real thing. You can purchase the best of the best at incredibly low price rates.

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