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About us

Welcome to Adora Dildos, the ultimate sex toy shop!

Our journey began from a small website specialising in one type of sex toy. Over time we grew our range of products and informal articles to become one of the most popular sites in the field. It took a lot of work from a dedicated but small team, but our work paid off.

We didn’t stop there though. Rather than sitting on the success we were having, we had a bigger goal. We didn’t want to just focus on one type of sex toy. We wanted to cover all of them! Of course, we all knew that we’d be taking on some giants, but this was something we were all really passionate about. We reinvested our profits from our original site and started work on our sex toy emporium.

Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and expanded our team to deliver an even better service. We’ve sourced a wide range of products to fulfil your every need and aim to get them to you as fast as we can. No matter what you enjoy or what kinks you have, we can help.

Our specialised team is always growing, and each department is headed up by a dedicated and passionate individual who only wants the best for our customers.

The sales team is headed up by Derek and handles everything on our front end. Whether its sourcing new and exciting products, or responding to all of you who email us, the team is always happy to be of service however they can.

Behind the scenes we have a couple of different groups helping to keep everything running smoothly. Our web design team, ran by Pamela, designs our site and helps make sure everything works. We also have a whole team dedicated to research and article writing which is ran by Gerald. These guys immerse themselves in sex toy culture every single day, and along with trying many of our toys, they spend countless hours reading content from all over the web to make sure we can bring you the most up to date information you’ll need.

Then there’s the brains behind the project. These guys don’t necessarily interact with you or the site on a daily basis, but they are all there to keep the business moving in the right direction. If you ever have a query passed on to a higher member of staff, there’s a good chance one of these guys will be contacting you directly to make sure you are completely happy with your service.

We’re always here to help you, and hope you enjoy your shopping experience. We always look forward to giving you your next AdoraDildos!

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