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Male dildos come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But men often have the question that which are the best dildos for men? Well, this majorly depends upon what you are using the dildo for.

If you are a beginner and just want to start experimenting, you will need a different dildo than men who are a pro at anal sex and want a big sized one, with special features. We have a wide collection of male dildos for both gay and straight men. Get yours today with Free Shipping Worldwide!!


Going to a sex toy store and being faced with hundreds of different sized dildos can be quite a confusing experience. While anyone can choose a dildo for themselves, it takes some knowledge to choose the perfect one for you. Dildos can be used by any adult, irrespective of the gender. We offer an exclusive range of dildos for men, which are specially crafted for anal sex and for people who are gay.


If beginners start off with thick 8 inch dildos, they might face terrible pain in their anal region and this might keep you off anal sex forever. You do not want that. So start off with a smaller dildo and get your body accustomed to anal penetration. On the other hand, if you are an expert in the field, we suggest you buy a slightly bigger and thicker dildo than the one you are currently using or even invest in buying different types of dildos of various types and sizes, for different moods.


While using a gay dildo is not extremely difficult, we suggest you go through this guide so that it can be a safe process as well as a much pleasurable one.

Use lube generously. Use as much lube as you are comfortable with on your dildo and the genitalia so that the friction becomes easy initially. Start with this and then you can figure out how much lube you want. Also, before choosing a lube, read the instructions of your dildo to know which lubes are compatible with your dildo.

While we understand that in the heat of the moment, men might take it fast with their partner and it will be very steamy, but we advise going slow initially. Shoving the entire dildo into your partner’s anal region might be the spoiler of the whole session and might even leave him injured. If you are doing it with yourself, well, then you should be even more careful. You do not want your muscles to be hurt.

Find a motion or a speed that you are comfortable with. Do not do things in a hurry. Going slow is the key to having great sex. Later on, you can speed things up, once your body is able to take the impact.
If you notice any extreme pain or bleeding, stop immediately and consult a doctor. Though this should not occur if you have followed all the earlier steps carefully.


Remember that unclean dildo might create a host of problems. Firstly, if you do not clean your dildos after use, the lube on the dildo might disfigure your dildo. We are sure that you do not want that. So clean them immediately.

Wash your dildo before every use. Since your dildo was stored inside, you never know if it is fully clean or sterilized. It might have air particles or dust on it. Anything sharp might also stick to it which could graze your internal area and cause severe bleeding and infection.

You can clean your dildos using a light disinfectant, mild warm water, and a light soap.