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A prostate massager vibrator is an equipment that can provide prostate stimulation. The climax that you get through this process is called a prostate orgasm or milking the prostate.

This best prostate toy stimulators come in the shape of a penis or a finger with a slightly curvy top which can stimulate the prostate. Get yours today with Free Shipping Worldwide!!


Today, you will get a huge variety of prostate dildo massagers starting from a prostate stimulator and prostate vibrators, to butt plugs or even the fan favorite spiked dildo. All these kinds of prostate toys are usually identified with the name of prostate wand stimulators which let you indulge in prostate play.

Best Prostate Dildo Stimulator Toy for Therapy Orgasm

Prostate massage basically means arousing the prostate gland with a prostate stimulator that takes a vital part in producing semen. The prostate gland also occupies a crucial position in our sex lives and the way we attain pleasure. You can either get a prostate massage for sexual well being or even for health purposes. But if you are the old school type then a pocket pussy will be all you need.

Did you know that men can get an orgasm without even having to touch their penis? Yes you heard it right. Men can get an orgasm via stimulating their prostate gland with a finger or a prostate vibrator, this also includes a strapless dildo . A lot of people refer to the prostate gland with the name of the “G-spot of men”. So, even having anal sex can give men an intense orgasm.

Prostate Massage Toy Orgasm

Orgasm through penis and orgasm by exciting the prostate can be of a very different nature and feeling. But both the kinds of orgasms have their source in the prostate gland. Now you know how important a prostate massage is for you. This can be achieved by using a male prostate massager.

These days, there are a lot of toys and products that make a prostate massage easy for you. This toys can be a prostate butt plug, you can either indulge in prostate stimulation on your own or even with a partner. Prostate play has been appreciated by a lot of people who have tried it personally and have received orgasms that last longer.

Using a Prostate Vibrator for Stimulation

You can either go for a self prostate massage or ask your partner to do it for you. If you are a beginner, start with a lot of lubricant. Here a protate butt plug stimulator might come in handy. Apply lubricant generously in the anal region and then try putting your finger inside. Once this becomes an easy task, then try inserting your prostate stimulator massager. While you are putting it in, be very slow. Taking it fast or pushing it in too soon might give you a lot of pain. So go easy!

Experts say that if you hit the right spot, which is, your prostate gland, you will cum in a few minutes. But the orgasm that you will get, will be ecstatic and for a longer duration. We would like to remind you once again, that keep a lube handy. Any sort of anal penetration requires more lube than you might know.

Prostate Butt Plug Stimulator Safety?

Since a prostate massage involves touching a very sensitive and delicate part of your body, you need to ensure absolute safety. You should also be extra gentle throughout the entire process. Hurrying up and being rough might spoil all the fun and more importantly, it can create pain. These are common mistakes that should be avoided.

We have done considerable research to give you the best information so that you can get the best prostate massage therapy. Here is how you do a self prostate massage safely:

A). Avoid putting really big prostate toys or a huge prostate dildo if you are trying it for the first time. The first thing to go in should be your finger or a finger dildo. Once you have passed the finger test, you can try using a small and less girthy prostate dildo.

B). Please maintain hygiene and keep your prostate massager in very clean conditions. This will make them more durable and they will also be safe for usage. Before you use a prostate massager, clean it properly.

C). We know that a prostate orgasm or prostate stimulation can feel heavenly. This might lead you to do a prostate massage quite often. However, we will suggest against it. We do not maintain any bias against it but do it often only when you have some experience. You should let your body get familiar to the changes and then indulge in prostate play more often.

How is a Vibrating Prostate Massager different from a non-vibrating one?

The first and a primary difference between and vibrating and a non-vibrating prostate massager is that a vibrating prostate massager will help you orgasm faster and more easily. A vibrating prostate massager comes with a button that needs to be pressed to start the vibrations.

Vibrating prostate massager is shaped in a curvy way just like the rainbow dildo hence will require less effort on your part. You do not need to work hard in finding the right place in your prostate area. The vibrating prostate massager will do all the work for you, accompanied by gentle vibrations to give you the best climax ever.

In the case of a non-vibrating prostate massager, you will have to manipulate it when it is inside. Finding the right spot or the G-spot requires some effort. If you are using a manual male prostate massager that does not vibrate, then you will have to take it in, until it hits your prostate. Here a remote control dildo might also come in handy. Plus, it will give you no vibrations because it does not have that mechanism.

Best Male Prostate Massager

Due to the immense popularity of prostate stimulatoss, many innovations have been made to redefine them. While some use prostate massagers to get an orgasm, others use it for foreplay or with a partner. Based on their functionality, size, and shape, a prostate stimulator can be divided into these following types:

Prostate dildos: You might be wondering about the difference between prostate dildos and vaginal dildos. We will clear all your doubts. Prostate dildos are a lot thinner than vaginal dildos, because the anal tract is very tight.

Prostate dildos are also of a more curvy shape than a vaginal one. This helps a prostate dildo to penetrate deep into the anal tract and stimulate the prostate gland. Prostate dildos are also way softer than other regular dildos so that the penetration becomes easy and less painful.

Prostate butt plugs : Butt-plugs are the talk of the day because of their convenient nature. They can be inserted and left inside for automatic stimulation, leaving your hands free which you can use to pleasure yourself or your partner.

Butt-plugs are available in various sizes and there are also various designs in this category. Butt-plugs are smaller than dildos. They are flared at the bottom so that it does not get stuck inside and you can pull them out easily. The latest models of butt-plugs also come with vibrators which can induce more pleasure.

Vibrator for G-spot: Vibrators for G-spot are very similar to butt-plugs. Unlike butt-plugs, all vibrators for G-spot can work automatically since all of them have vibrators. Vibrators for G-spot have a distinctive curve at the end of it which helps it to reach exactly to your G-spot. They should be handled with a bit of extra care because they can get stuck inside.

While purchasing a vibrator for G-spot, opt for the ones which have a wider bottom. This will help the vibrator to be in place. Thus, the vibrator will not get lost inside while you experience intense movement in the anal region.

Prostate Stimulator Summary

Prostate toys have gained popularity all over the world because of the amazing satisfaction they provide. We hope that you know enough about prostate wand toy by now to choose the best prostate massager for yourself. Just follow the safety rules while using it and you are good to go.