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7 ways to use your viberator for ultimate pleasure

The pink in the name of this toy comes from the color of its packaging and nothing else, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to your own advantage! This high-quality viberator has all sorts of uses, whether you’re alone or with a partner, whether you want to get off or just relax, or even if you’re looking to try something new. Check out these 7 ways to use your viberator for ultimate pleasure!

1) Switch it up

As you know, your viberator is much more than a sex toy. It can be used as a highly effective tool for solo self-stimulation, partner stimulation, and even just stress relief. We don’t always realize how versatile our sex toys are, but by switching up your routine, you’ll discover even more uses for the viberator that may not have occurred to you previously. We all want more ways to use our viberators! There’s only so much time in a day, after all…

2) Push the boundaries

When you were younger, you probably received a sex-ed lecture on how there’s only one correct way to have sex—vaginal intercourse. The truth is that there are plenty of positions where both partners can feel pleasure (some might even be your favorite). But I’m not talking about that. What I mean is that most people never stop to think about all of the different ways a viberator can be used. If you use your viberator in multiple ways, then it makes sense why you need something specifically designed for women—because a penis isn’t as versatile as a viberator can be! Plus, everybody’s type is different so we need something with just enough variation to hit all of our hot spots.

3) Play on your own

The best way to use your viberator is on yourself. Unless you have a trusted partner who wants you to experiment with sex toys, it’s pretty safe to assume that your needs as a human are more important than anybody else’s. Sex toys are fun because they allow us to practice with our own bodies in ways we might not normally feel comfortable exploring. It’s hard enough just being honest about how we like our genitals stimulated, let alone having an intimate conversation about what might work best for us with another person. So use it solo—and enjoy!

4) Share it with others

Not sure what your viberator is capable of? You’re not alone. Viberators often get put in a drawer, or worse, under a bed, which is unfortunate considering all of the incredible things they can do. The best way to tap into their true potential and experience ultimate pleasure is by sharing them with someone else—especially if that someone else is also equipped with a viberator. And here are 7 ways you can share your viberator for maximum satisfaction.

5) Turn it into a game

If you’re not sure where to start with your viberator, or even what to do with it, consider turning it into a game. One of my favorite things about sex toys is how they can enhance so many different kinds of play: They can heighten sensation in your genital area, create a buffer zone between your body and another toy (like anal beads), or help you have fun when you’re alone. I recommend starting off by turning on your viberator and seeing where it takes you. You might be surprised at how differently—and effectively—you orgasm when you use a sex toy instead of just relying on pressure points and direct stimulation!

6) Try something new every day

As you explore your new viberator, experiment with different vibration settings and intensities. Remember, it’s better to start low and slow than high and super intense! Plus, if you find yourself still too sensitive after trying out a setting or two on your own, then enlist some help from a trusted partner who can show you just how pleasurable vibrations can be. No matter what level of intensity you settle on—as long as it feels good—the most important thing is that you love using your viberator every day. With practice (and plenty of lube), even more, pleasure is sure to follow! If there’s something not working for you now, save it for later (in another session!). Sex is fun!