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Types of Sex Gags to Get You Kinkier!

Sex gags are items that are used during sexual play that help subdue the subject, whether they are the one giving pleasure or receiving it. Most people associate sex gags with BDSM, but you can use them to get kinkier in any type of sexual role-play or even just in bed if you’re into some light bondage fun! This article will go over different types of sex gags that you can use for your next kinky session!

Why use a sex gag?

The short answer is because it can be fun and different, but there are a few other reasons why someone might like to use a sex gag. It can also be used as a way for one partner in a couple to gain control or power over another. For example, maybe they’re only submissive when it comes to certain things? A sex gag could help even out these differences. If you’re into role-playing, using a sex gag could be part of the costume or character that you create. Finally, if you want to keep your mouth busy while focusing on something else (like having an orgasm), then wearing a sex gag may make that easier. Just make sure you communicate with your partner first! They should know how far you want them to go with it before you get started.

Plastic ball gag

This is your basic sex gag, that everyone is familiar with. They’re usually made out of rubber or silicone and resemble a ball. Their purpose is for keeping someone silent during play. Just put it in their mouth and you’re good to go. Your partner can mumble as much as they want but won’t be able to talk if you tie them up beforehand.

Rubber ring ball gag

A gag ball is placed in a ring that fits around your head. The ring keeps it from falling out and you can even buy replacements for different colors or styles. These gags are great for beginners but also work well for people who have experience with these types of toys. Leather Ring Ball Gag: This is essentially a leather version of a rubber ring gag, except that there isn’t an adjustable strap and it’s not made from rubber.

Ring gag

A ring gag is a mouth gag that features a circular metal ring, with an adjustable leather strap going through it. Usually, a bar or rod goes through between your teeth and around your mouth for added stability. This type of sex gag is sometimes seen in BDSM movies or depicted in drawings.

O-ring gag

This is simply a ring that fits into your mouth and can be pulled closed with attached leather straps. The O-ring is placed between your teeth, and once in place, you cannot easily remove it. This gag can also be used on other body parts besides just your mouth. The idea behind an O-ring gag is for it to keep your mouth open for whatever use you have planned. It’s commonly used during oral sex or other sexual activities where opening your mouth would otherwise be considered rude or unacceptable. It’s often paired with bondage gear such as handcuffs or rope restraints so that you are unable to close your mouth even if you wanted to.

Dental dummy ball gag

The dental dummy ball gag is ideal for beginner BDSM role-play and domination. The rubber ball gag has a rigid metal bar that stops it from being pushed out of your mouth. This sex toy comes with a locking buckle so you can adjust how tight or lose you want it to be. The best part about these gags is that they’re cheap and easy to get.

Leather bit mouthpiece/bite bar mouth guard

A bit gag is a mouth gag that is designed to stuff into a person’s mouth. The term bit comes from the bits that are used in some forms of animal training. While there is little control over what goes into a person’s mouth with a bit of gag, certain models have holes cut into them so that speech may be possible.

Pigtail mouthpiece/butterfly valve/inflatable o-ring

The butterfly valve is a sex gag with a built-in valve. When inserted, it expands, closing off the mouth and suppressing speech. The valve can be inflated with an attached hand bulb in order to make it tighter fitting, or deflated by pressing down on a release button that allows excess air to flow out through a one-way valve. These sex gags come in many varieties – sizes, colors, materials, and with or without zippers/accessories like blindfolds and spreader bars.