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In today’s time, sex toys are slowly gaining popularity. But, little do people know that sex toys like dildos have been around for many centuries now. Today, you will find a huge variety of didlos in the market today that differ in shapes, sizes and texture.

You will find some that can reach dildo sizes of 12 inches while some are as small as two inches. Some are made in a regular penis shape while others have quite some weird shapes like fists, etc. Get yours today with Free Shipping Worldwide!!


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Just like many other things in life, cleaning and maintaining your dildo will ultimately make sure that it will last for many years to come. You should clean your sex toy on a regular basis, especially before and after using it.

Cleaning the toy will remove all the bacteria or any other microorganisms that have built and spread around the toy while you kept it locked away. Also, if you plan on sharing with your partners, please remember to disinfect the dildo so that you do not spread STDs and STIs to each other.


Storing your dildo is another aspect that can add a long life to your sex toy. Always remember to store the toy in a place that is free from direct sunlight, moisture, and dust. You can wrap a cloth around your toy to make sure it is not touched by the above elements. If your dildo runs on batteries, remove the batteries after use immediately.

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