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Sissy Butt Plug – A beginners guide!

Before we can delve into what sissy butt plugs are and why they’re so useful, let’s define the two most important parts of this toy – the butt plug and the sissy. A butt plug is, to put it simply, just that – a plug meant to be inserted into your butt. The reason many people prefer them over regular anal toys, like dildos, is that they stay in place during anal sex or other sexual activity without requiring much movement at all on your part.

Choosing a butt plug can be daunting. There are so many options in size, shape, and material that you’ll feel like Goldilocks at your first sex shop. The plugs on display can make it seem like there’s just too much choice! So how do you go about choosing a sissy butt plug? Well, before you pick up anything, first figure out what sort of experience is best for you. You have to know what feels good to you, after all. Also, consider whether or not you’re looking for something short-term or long-term. If you’re going for a night out with the girls, maybe try a silicone butt plug since they won’t smell as bad as rubber ones when they wear off. If you want to train yourself to enjoy anal play over time, choose an anal trainer kit with lots of different sizes and shapes available.

The biggest thing to avoid with a sissy butt plug is buying something too big. Start small and work your way up in size. Ideally, start with the one that’s just slightly larger than your finger, but not much bigger. As you become more accustomed to inserting it, you can then look for something slightly thicker or longer (or both). Because these plugs are designed for anal use and won’t be removed during sex like a dildo would be, getting one that’s too large can be uncomfortable and even painful. If you’re worried about any pain that might come from using a sissy butt plug, try rubbing some non-irritating cream on it before sliding it in slowly over time. It’s important to know how deep the sissy butt plug goes inside of you as well.

Taking care of your sissy butt plug is not very different than taking care of a dildo. Just like anything else you insert into your ass, it’s important to use lube for anal play. In fact, many experienced bottoms will tell you that adding just a little extra lube goes a long way toward a comfortable experience (literally). And unlike some sex toys, silicone butt plugs are easy to clean and sterilize. To clean your sissy butt plug: Wash with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water after each use. Cleaning up after anal play is crucial because bacteria from feces can cause infections in delicate anal tissue.

Always be sure to wash your hands before and after touching the plug. Be sure to dry the sissy butt plug well before storing so no moisture gets trapped inside the porous material. When storing your sissy butt plug between uses, it’s best to put it back in its original packaging, but if you don’t have access to that, wrap it in a paper towel first then place it inside an airtight container or plastic baggie. You may also store the sissy butt plug without wrapping or covering if you wish. If this is the case, be sure to store it in an area where any curious pets cannot get access!

Sissy butt plugs and the sissy cage toys are most commonly sold online, so before you invest in your first one make sure you do a bit of research into what kind of plug is right for you. If you’re still new to sex toys, it might be best to start with a cheaper option that can always be upgraded in size or materials later on down the line. Avoid using discount coupon websites like Groupon and similar sites when looking for sex toys—they’re great ways to save money on things like spas or beauty products, but rarely will they help you get quality sex toys at reduced prices.

Instead, spend some time Googling online sissy butt plug store and find one that seems reputable. Once you know where to buy one, the next step is choosing which size would work best for you. The widest part of the butt plug should not exceed 4 inches around, and ideally, it should only have a diameter between 1.5-2 inches wide (or more if desired). Remember that as your anal muscles get used to being stretched out more over time, you may want to upgrade from something smaller (say 2 inches) to something larger (say 3-4 inches).

Sissies are one of those sex toy categories that can be super intimidating for newcomers. That’s why it’s important to remember that everyone is different and not every sissy butt plug works for everyone. It takes a little bit of experimentation (and a hell of a lot of lubricants) but finding the perfect fit means you get to reap all those lovely rewards, like mind-blowing orgasms. If you want more information on choosing the right sissy butt plug, check out this post here.