Penis Cock Plug Urethral Sounds 4 PCS Set
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Penis Cock Plug Urethral Sounds 4 PCS Set


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  • Made of flexible, hypoallergenic and body safe silicone, assured by the maximum safety and comfort.
  • Multi bead and beads size for beginner/ experienced Urethral Sounds user both
  • 4 different sizes for your choice, meeting your various needs and pleasure.
  • Suitable for beginners who are urethral play lover.
  • Clean it before and after use. Suggest use with water-based lubes!

Product Description

Urethral Sounds Silicone Plug Set

Additional information


4 Piece Assortment, Advanced

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.8 x 3.4 x 1.9 inches; 0.81 Ounces

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

April 25, 2017

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Dongguan Le Xuan Trading Co., Ltd.

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22 reviews for Penis Cock Plug Urethral Sounds 4 PCS Set

  1. Adora Customer (verified owner)

    I had dabbled with sounding in the past but never had a proper set. These are very nice. Plenty long, no visible molding lines. Great range of sizes from, “okay I think I can do this” to “nope never, but I guess I’ll try once….”

  2. Jeffery Jelinski (verified owner)

    Arrived discretely and clean in a sealed package. A simple product that’s hard to get wrong. These are silky smooth with no manufacturing seams and insert comfortably full length. This is a solid starter kit, not really intended for stretchers and other advanced users. Good size on the largest one (1/4″ I think) and the beads feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I will never use a smooth silicone sound again. I am somewhat experienced with deep sounding, but only smaller diameter smooth silicone. I can insert the largest one included completely, and it is comfortable and not overly large.

    Super flexible as well so you can do whatever you want while inserted. Using a Fleshlight or Japanese onahole vigorously with a silicone sound inserted is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I also like to wear my electro stim cage to hold it in. Estim with a sound is awesome. I don’t like urethral electrodes so I find this to be a better option.

    Essential Tips for Safety and Pleasure With This Product:

    – Number one rule is to make sure everything is ultra clean. Hands, privates, and ESPECIALLY THE TOY. It’s also a good idea to wipe down your mouse and keyboard with a little alcohol if you’re doing that. Take a shower and scrub your bits, get every nook and cranny. Also scrub your hands with strong soap right before use or even during if you take a break and continue. Keep your hands super clean. AND STERILIZE STERILIZE STERILIZE THE TOY. Also, be careful about what you touch or handle, especially if mixing in backdoor play.

    – Being silicone the best way to sterilize these is boiling. I’d definitely boil them when you first get them, about ~10 minutes at full boil. Between uses however, generally hot water with anti-bacterial soap and scrubbing, or a 15 minute chlorine/water soak is enough to kill bacteria. MAKE SURE to clean them thoroughly before and after every use. UTIs/bladder infections are not fun, and are easy to get when sounding deep.

    – Drink lots of water and urinate before and after play to clean your urinary tract. Cranberry juice works even better for this. A good leak before helps prevent present bacteria from being pushed in, and after to clean out anything that might have been pushed in. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS URINATE AFTER SOUNDING.

    – Antiseptic surgical lube is extra insurance against infection, especially if you go into the bladder. I’ve been inserting them with conventional water-based lubes but just keeping everything really clean. Seems to be okay so far. Something a lot of people ignore is don’t ever force anything into your urethra. If it’s not gonna fit, try a smaller size, and ALWAYS USE LUBE. If it does fit don’t just shove it in. Let the muscles in your urethra relax and just help it in. It should take nearly zero force to insert a sound. Otherwise you could damage yourself internally, or small tears on your insides could cause infection.

    If you follow the above steps, you should have a safe and fun experience. A little knowledge goes a long way.

  3. Miah8000 (verified owner)

    I am very new to sounding and the metal sets were interesting but intimidating. I also wanted to try deep stimulation and these looked like a good place to start. All in all I am very satisfied with these. The smallest one is too small but the rest are perfect. I was able to take the two middle sounds far deeper than I expected (I think I hit the bladder) and it was a very unique sensation. I think I played a bit too hard though and had some discomfort afterwards. I strongly recommend using surgilube and some oral syringes to help lubricate everything. I first tried these with other waterbased lubes and they were far too irritating.

  4. SSmith (verified owner)

    Longer than I thought but they feel great. Smaller ones are a bit flimsy. But all in all pretty good.

  5. THEDUDEJK (verified owner)

    They are very smooth and felt amazing. The small ones were useless to me, but the largest was a great introduction into using silicone.

  6. A FAN (verified owner)

    I guess I really overestimated the effect these achieve, aside from pain they accomplished nothing, or is pain the idea? I’m honestly confused, or maybe too old (61)

  7. Matthew (verified owner)

    Wow! Fun and comfortable. My only recommendation is to trim it down. Goes so deep that it could present a problem.

  8. Salty-Sailor (verified owner)

    For guys the smallest 3 are too small. Maybe smallest 2 if you are very tiny, and maybe these would work for ladies. For guys a better combo would be the 2 biggest in this set and the 2 smallest of the next set. But not expensive, so… Need these for stretching and they do the job. Personally I need this length, so these are good for me.

  9. Dale C (verified owner)

    super flexible and smooth. i bought the “beginner” set but should have got the “advanced” one.

    they go in really easy with a little sterile lubricant. This is the first really long set for me. i used the second to largest one with ease. the two smaller ones are pointless unless maybe you’ve never used a urethral sound before.
    they’re so flexible i can see why some would complain. but honestly that flex is why they’re so comfortable to’ll be surprised when you fit the whole thing down your tube.

  10. richard robbins (verified owner)

    bought these. I had a few plugs and they are just to hard and to painful to get in/ these are great. need to be a little shorter. I wish then made the plugs just a little larger then these and that would be so perfect. anyways they are fun.

  11. Jojo (verified owner)

    The smaller ones ok doubling up with bigger ones,love the feel and how deep they go .
    Clean well use lots of lube !

  12. Robert Rodríguez (verified owner)

    Good quality on the plastics, but you need to know it requires a good silicone lubricant, the material repels water so water based lub is not as effective

  13. Cptnflattop (verified owner)

    Love these sounds truly remarkable a must have for any guy they are incredibly mind boggling sounds and with vibrator while using any of the 3 will give you unbelievable orgasms. Only thing I can say is there a little porus, but still very exciting and very very satisfying.

  14. AL (verified owner)

    These were my beginners tool to get into the game since sounds have always interested me. They feel good and are easy to use, however I wish they came with better instructions for care and use. I had to do a lot of googling to get things to work well. For cleaning, I’ve noticed a bit of white bloom happening on the silicone after cleaning them off, and thats concerning to me and is making me wary of using them again.

  15. Kylar Maldonado (verified owner)

    I love this product. It may not be for BEGINNER beginners. Like, it may not be the first thing that you may want to put all the way into someone’s urethra if they are new to it , too. due to the ridges, and such. But , if you give that person time to warm up to it, it may be comforting. I love the end of the sounds having a little flat end so it doesn’t fall into the penis. (Have had that issue once or twice since purchasing steel sounds after this purchase haha) Definitely prefer these right now for this reason. Easy to clean like a nice hot boil for 10-15 minutes. Just remember, surgilube, gloves, and a clean towel / environment (bed, room, couch, chair, etc.)

  16. MagneticNinja (verified owner)

    Can’t lie, it wasn’t for me. I tried each size and found it interesting, and for a bit, exciting; but the sensation wasn’t that good and certainly didn’t get me to finishing. The anxiety of losing such a thing in there was more that the fun was worth. If your curious about trying it these are a good place to start. Worth the money and good quality.

  17. Craig (verified owner)

    I have absolutely loved this product! Use a good lubricant such as Surgilube and clean your toys before use and you will not be disappointed. That said, I have one revision in design. A wider stop-cap at the end. It has luckily only happened once (while using the 8mm) that the whole thing had slipped in. Fortunately, with my girlfriend’s assistance, we were able to retrieve it. Taking a closer look, the cap is barely larger than the rods themself when approaching larger diameter sounds. Which, in my experience, the large rod merely opens the door for the said cap to become lost. Even as they are, I am tempted to leave a 5-star review though, truly believe they need a minor revision to ensure my fellow customers’ safety.

  18. Rob for hire (verified owner)

    I been looking for something like these for a long time, my only complaint is that these are not thick enough for me i like them ticker. But it’s easy to clean and I can put it where it needs to be to get my enjoyment.

    However a bit of warning for those new to this, I tried the vibrations versions of these each with different companies and each one feels odd/painful maybe it’s because I’m not us to it, but when it comes to going deep with this product I indeed hit the G spot, but I learned recently when I use a vibrator for anal pleasure I somehow got the same effect when using the Uplay Vibrators, and OMG you can feel it deeper in there, it feels odd but yet i wanna try an let it continue one day soon, think it might feel fantastic but for now it feels damaging so not taking that risk just yet till i do more research on the prostate.

    Pros: fits well, it’s really long and can hit the prostate, bendable and easy to clean.

    Cons: Want more thicker versions say 2 inch would be nice for me at least

    Product is a must buy, but not for beginners – Suggestion for beginners would be the steel straight slim sizes, this product is more for those wanting to go deeper into the prostate without losing the item or causing damage. But still buy this if you want to try it, use good lube an don’t worry the pain is natural just like doing anal for the first time you have to get use to it.

    Enjoy you sinister sexy people.

  19. Wanagi Hokshila (verified owner)

    These are nice for beginners because they are flexible but on other hand you need to use more lube also the quality of the silicone feels cheaper than other silicone toys I have. But these do work as they are supposed to. Different textures to stimulate different pleasures.

  20. Buyer Lily (verified owner)

    I saw this toy and decided to take a leap in trying it out. This toy provided an erotic experience into a new world of pleasure. The main thing I would tell someone wanting to try this toy is to use plenty of lube and go slow.

  21. Dune (verified owner)

    Unexpectedly nice, with the larger of the set in particular. Easy to clean and use.

  22. Adora Customer (verified owner)

    Like most reviewers the two small sizes are useless. I was surprised how easy I took the largest one. When I finally hit the spot I almost exploded…wow. make sure to use plenty of high grade lube.

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