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FREE Shipping by male chastity, women chastity, cage harness, cock locks, chastity belts, sissy chastity cages Device Has Leather Strap & Nickel-Plated Steel Rings. Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell Chastity device! This chasity devices is made up of a series of nickel plated steel rings (5 or 7 depending on your choice) and is attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis. The 5 ring version: the first ring is 2 inches inside diameter. Then there are three 1.5 inch rings, followed by one 1.25 inch ring. The entire length is about 4.5 inches.
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EVO Cage Double-Arc Cuff Ring

Hand Polished No Paint

Made for you Designed for long term wear


Cage Material:100% Nylon Resin.

Ring Material:ABS

Cage Size: As pictures shown.

Ring Size: 38mm/43mm/48mm/52mm.

One set includes:1*Cage;4* Rings and 1*Magic Locker.

Net Weight:about 100g.

Buy one get one free: Air Lock Pin given free!(Random Color)


A Chastity Device for Every Man

The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear. This way you can order confidently, knowing this will be the last cage you’ll ever need to purchase.

Anatomical V-Shape

Unique to the Python V7.0 Evo cage, the V-shape shape helps reduce erection strength and duration by allowing the deep dorsal vein and the superficial dorsal vein to do their work. Simply this means that, unlike nearly every other device, the Evo is scientifically designed from the ground up to be a better chastity cage.

The Evo has your back so every night you can sleep through your morning wood.

Ergonomic Double-Arc Cuff Ring

This isn’t your average base ring. The waterfall design is quantum leap in the evolution of chastity wear. The Evo Cuff is designed specifically to your size with its unique shape making long-term wear comfortable. This is the most comfortable ring on the market.

Full-Hygiene Head Design

The open head design can effectively reduce the residue of urine and bring a clean and hygienic use experience.

Want more security and less stimulation? The Evo has you covered.

Whichever is your style, the Evo allows you to live in chastity, confidently.

Proprietary Vented Head and Turtle Grip

Stop the turtle from escaping! With the Turtle Grip head ring, your head will stay where its meant to be. The Evo also has a proprietary vented head system, allowing for better long-term hygiene.

Anatomically scultped, the head of the Evo provides the perfect amount of coverage and access. The shape of the head is designed like a cradle to maintain alignment in all situations so you can pee confidently.

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