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The best way to use a vibrating butt plug for anal play

Vibrating butt plugs are popular among people who enjoy the anal play because they add extra stimulation to their anal penetration. Whether you’re using your vibrating butt plug by yourself or with a partner, there are plenty of ways to use it to make your anal play more fun and pleasurable. Here are the best ways to use a vibrating butt plug for anal play.

Ways you can use your vibrating butt plug

  1. As a warm-up tool: Use the vibrating butt plug to get yourself aroused before anal play. The vibrations will help relax your sphincter muscles and make penetration easier.
  2. To add extra stimulation during anal sex: If you’re having trouble reaching orgasm during anal sex, try using a vibrating butt plug. The added stimulation will help you get over the edge. You can also use it during any other sexual activity as well.
  1. As a prostate stimulator: If you have male anatomy, use the vibrating butt plug as a prostate stimulator.
  1. Stimulate your erogenous zones with the vibrating butt plug:

If you enjoy external clitoral or penile stimulation, try placing the toy against those areas while penetrating anally. Or experiment with different positions to find what feels best for you!

  1. Experiment with different vibration patterns: All of our plugs come with several vibration patterns that offer something new every time!

Before you even think about inserting your vibrating butt plug, you need to figure out which vibration level is right for you. Those who are just starting out should start with the lowest setting and increase it as they become more comfortable. But if you’re a pro, go ahead and crank it up to the highest setting! Experiment and find what feels best. Some people like to combine vibration with anal penetration, while others like just one or the other. You’ll want to pay attention to how often you orgasm (which means how long you’ve been playing) and how close you are to orgasm before deciding on a higher or lower setting.

Some people also prefer low vibrations in order to delay their orgasm because they enjoy the sensation but want it last longer. And finally, some people prefer higher settings that provide more intense stimulation so they can reach climax more quickly (good news for those of us who have busy lives!). Whatever works best for you is perfect; there’s no wrong answer when it comes to pleasure!

Now that you know what vibe level to start with, insert your vibrating butt plug into your anus as far as it will comfortably go. Turn the toy on and enjoy yourself! Your hands are free to explore your body, touch your clitoris, squeeze your nipples, and masturbate yourself–whatever makes you feel good. Plus, by using a vibrating butt plug during masturbation you don’t risk numbing the delicate nerve endings in your fingers from overuse or from trying to stroke too vigorously with hard plastic toys. That’s why many sex experts recommend this method for men and women alike: it maximizes sensation without risking injury.

Finally, choose between manual stimulation or sex: Once you’ve found the perfect setting for this toy (either high-speed or low-speed), get ready to play by stimulating any part of your body that feels good–including manual stimulation of the clitoris via hand or sex with a partner–and let yourself come however you want!

A vibrating butt plug is a great way to add extra stimulation to your anal play. The vibration can help increase pleasure and make the experience more intense. If you’re new to anal play, start with a small vibrating butt plug and work your way up. Apply lube to your anus and the plug, and insert it slowly. Once it’s in, you can experiment with different speeds and patterns of vibration. When you’re ready to remove the plug, do so slowly and carefully. Wash the plug with soap and water after use. Store the toy somewhere safe and clean where children won’t find it.

If you want something larger, then opt for a bigger butt plug that has rotating beads attached. These bigger toys are designed to target your prostate, which will feel like an amazing sensation when stimulated properly. To enjoy it, even more, keep a bottle of lube nearby as well as some tissues in case you ejaculate! Using lots of lube will ensure that insertion is smooth and comfortable, but don’t go overboard; too much lubricant will mean things might get messy when removing your toy later on.