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A viborator is a vibrating device used to enhance sexual pleasure. It can be applied to the clitoris, anus, nipples, penis and other erogenous zones. Viborators are made in many different forms including vibraters, vibarator, vibartor and vibator anal beads etc.

The word viborator appears to have been coined by British physician George Taylor who proposed the use of early steam-, air- or gas- powered electrical devices for treating hysteria in women in 1734. The term viborator or viabrator was later used when describing devices “used against ‘hysterical paroxysms'”. The verb form vibrate appeared around 1882 and the term vibrator became common around 1920.

Viborators are vibrating devices meant to stimulate the body’s erogenous zones. They range from small vibrating devices operated with batteries, which are inserted into the vagina or anus to more complex mechanical viborator toys that simulate sexual intercourse.

The viborator is one of the most common accessories used in masturbation. Viborators tend to be popular with women who have trouble reaching orgasm using their fingers or other penetrative objects, although some vibrators are marketed towards men as well .

Once a novelty item for female use only, bibrators are now the subject of open discussion amongst medical professionals and sexologists regarding their potential health benefits – namely stress relief and increased self awareness . A number of studies have shown that vibrator treatments result in higher

There are many benefits of a viborator. A viborator can be used to stimulate the body in ways that a person cannot do on their own, which is what makes viborators so unique. There are certain viborator toys meant for anal stimulation and others for clitoral stimulation. Viborators are vibrating sex toys that provide sexual pleasure by stimulating the most sensitive areas of the body with little or no effort.

Some vibrate at the sound of someone’s voice when they speak into it while others vibrate in response to physical stimuli like pressure, hand motioning around it, etc.

Some viborators vibrate on command – meaning you can control them through use of a remote control or any number of other devices available today. Buy yours today.