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Ways to use your vibarator for maximum stimulation!

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to be bored! A vibarator can do wonders for your sex life even when you’re not in the mood to be with anyone else, but it also works well with partners. Use these eight tips to make the most of your vibarator and boost your libido in no time!

1) Move around with the clitoral vibrator

When you’re using a vibrator on your clitoris, it’s important to move that vibrator around. Don’t just hold it in one place on your clit, but rather use its massaging action to stimulate different parts of your clitoris and its surrounding areas. This will help you achieve a higher level of arousal and intensify any sexual pleasure you may feel. So try taking your vibarator and gently running it across different parts of your vulva, such as over your labia or underneath them. By exploring different sensations and trying out various motions with a powerful sex toy like a vibarator, you’ll be able to have better orgasms—and orgasms lead to a more satisfying sex life overall!​

2) Use the butt plug

The first (and maybe most obvious) way to use your vibarator is by inserting it into your vagina. Using lube with some texture (like silicone lube or Bodyfluid) will help you keep it in place and add additional stimulation that might help get you off even faster. Try wiggling around on it while still in place, too—it’s a good way to loosen yourself up if you need more convincing before reaching orgasm. If you want more sensation, try using a butt plug alongside your vibarator for double penetration fun.

3) Try some manual massage on your legs

While there are plenty of ways you can incorporate your vibarator into sex, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating it in a massage. Manual stimulation isn’t just enjoyable—it also increases blood flow and helps relax muscles, both of which are key when it comes to enhancing sexual pleasure. If you haven’t tried manual massage on your legs before, now might be a good time. In fact, you can try it out with your vibarator. Lay down or recline as desired and try applying some pressure as well as using circular motions while using your vibrator on other parts of your body. You may be surprised at how much more pleasurable manual massage becomes!

4) Lay on your back with your fingers between your legs

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but most women need a partner to do it because they won’t be able to reach themselves. Try positioning your vibarator directly in front of your clit and lay back with both hands spread apart—one on either side of your clitoris—as if you were opening up a fan. You can then slide up and down or back and forth depending on what works best for you. This position is one of my favorites because I find it easier than others to achieve orgasm.

5) Have some fun under the showerhead

The shower is an easy place to break out your vibarator. It’s hot and wet and you can focus all of your attention on pleasuring yourself. As you rinse off your body, allow your vibarator to massage every inch of skin from head to toe. Start at your legs and work up; when you get around to massaging your thighs use gentle strokes on one side and then make tight circles around each kneecap with your vibarator on the other side. Then, spend a bit of time stimulating each breast before finally moving up to stimulate every inch of flesh between them with small strokes at first and gradually increasing pressure as you get closer to orgasm.

6) Add anal play to the mix

Anal play adds an entirely new dimension of pleasure to a session. As with any new sexual practice, make sure you’re relaxed and aroused before you start, keep your toy clean, and use lots of lube. Once you’re comfortable with anal play, try pairing it with vaginal or clitoral stimulation—you’ll get double-duty from your vibarator and have more fun in bed.