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teen butt plug


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About this item

  • One Button Automatic Inflate & Deflate – This anal vibrator is quite different from the others because it has a inflation function for people who loves to explore the extreme anal sex excitement. You can simply hold the buttons to inflate or deflate the powerful vibrator automatically, say bye-bye to those manually squeeze anal expansion toys.
  • Inflatable & Adjustable Size – This anal sex toy can be used for both prostate and G-spot stimulation. It is designed with a safe limited inflation size so that you don’t need to worry about over-inflating, you can stop the inflation when you think you are happy with the current size. While toys from other manufacturers they just get bigger and bigger without any safety insurance.
  • 10 Vibrations & Wireless Remote Control – This P-spot massager has 10 different vibrating modes from weak to strong patterns that could take you to the very orgasms real soon. The remote control of this butt plug vibrator makes it so much easy to control the vibration and inflation remotely and conveniently.
  • Ergonomic Design – Unlike the other anal expanding toy, Adorime designed its toy with solid inner vibrating unit and the outside cover with soft silicone, making it easy to insert and feeling comfortable at the same time. The ring-shaped design at the bottom makes sure you can put in and pull out the anal stretching toy effortlessly.
  • Body-safe Material – This inflatable butt plug is made of high-end body-safe silicone which is safe and comfy to use for intimate love life. This g-spot vibrator is waterproof for easy cleaning, but please DON’T put it in water during inflation. This vibrator is suitable for both anal sex beginner and experienced user due to its adjustable size, also perfect for both men and women.

Product Description

Adorime Story

It is very common that a lot of couples,single men and women don’t experience satisfied sexual life, we thought maybe we could do something to improve that by adding more fun to the sex process. So there was Adorime,we did a lot of surveys among couples, single ladies and men, we finally managed to design several vibrators, dildos, masturbators which became popular on many platforms. That proved our points were correct, so we continued to design more products to provide people with better quality to their sexual life.

Being extremely strict in selecting silicone materials, wires, motors, buttons and high end control boards,etc. Adorime vows to provide premium adult toys to the public. Before selling to the market, every product has to go through battery check, buttons test, noise control and more other processes, making sure customers get the best quality adult sex toys.

automatic inflatable vibrator

prostate massager anal expanding vibratorAutomatic Inflation

This automatic inflation anal plug vibrator designed for those who likes to try different size of vibrators, ideal for extreme sex experience. It will automatically inflates, you can simply click the inflation button to adjust the vibrator to the desired size, for fullness and ultimate enjoyment.

Body-safe Silicone Material

This vibrating anal plug is made of superior skin-friendly soft silicone, making sure that you can enjoy safe and comfortable sex.

anal butt plug sex toyExplosion-proof Design

This vibrator is inflatable but also limits of certain size, no need to worry about over-sized risk. This is the safest way for Anal Expansion.

Wireless Romote Control

The p-spot vibrator also includes a wireless remote, so that you can control its vibration and inflation easily. The remote distance is around 10 meters.

g spot vibrator

powerful sex toys

anus expanding

10 Vibration Modes

This anal vibrator massager comes with 10 optional vibrating frequensies, you can choose from slow caressing to fast thrusting, weak pulsation to powerful vibration, this silicone vibrator has all the modes you need to get to your climaxes. Explore more ways of having fun with Adorime vibrator.

USB Rechargeable

The prostate massager is USB rechargeable, simply connect the toy to your phone charger or powerbank using the USB cord, charging for 80 minutes, you can enjoy around 70 minutes of passionate sex..

Ergonomic Sleek Design

This prostate vibrator is ergonomically designed with a firm ring-shape which make it easy to insert or pull out of the vagin-a or anus. While the other people’s anal inflation toys are made too floppy and difficult to put in or out.

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Black, Blue

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7.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches; 10.41 Ounces

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September 23, 2019

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10 reviews for teen butt plug

  1. Michael Charles

    Presentation:The box this comes in is very nice, and discreet.I appreciate that they’ve provided not only a box nice enough to store in, but a bag for travel or packing into a smaller space. It’s thoughtful actions like this that make a huge difference in perceived quality.Material/Quality:The silicone is nice and very smooth. There are no seams or sharp edges anywhere to hurt you on accident.The inner ring of the toy is either a smooth metal or more likely a hard plastic, but this isn’t a cheap plastic if it is. It looks and feels sleek and refined.The remote has the cheapest feel to it, given how light it is, but this isn’t that much of a detractor. The buttons have a very nice tactile click to them, and light up when pressed. It feels like it was designed with use in mind, and this shows.Ergonomics:This is a very well designed toy, and feels good in the hands. The ring is a nice size to grab when both pushing the toy in, and pulling it out. The curve of the toy is very nice, being effective without being overly aggressive.The buttons on the toy aren’t the easiest to reach if used anally, but the remote makes up for this. This becomes a toy that is great to use solo or with a partner(s).Features/Options:The inflation is very nice, and provides a full feeling without being painful in the slightest. Just remember to deflate before pulling out (unless that’s your thing)!The remote makes this a very flexible and usable toy.It’s waterproof! This is fantastic given the electronic part of the toy. Being able to use this in the shower makes the whole experience very pleasurable.Function/Performance:In practice this toy is easy to insert, as long as you’re well lubricated. Since it’s a silicone toy, you want to avoid silicone lubricants. Oil lubricants should be fine on the silicone part of the toy, but if you get your hands all lubed up during application, if the ring is indeed plastic you’ll want to avoid touching that part too much, as oil can deteriorate plastics. Water-based lube is the safest bet, though usually not as lubricating, so you’ll want to find a balance.The inflation is noticeable and significant, but not too aggressive. Likewise with the vibrations. If you couple them and add in your own motions with it, you can really ramp up the intensity.Charging is quick, and it holds the charge a decent amount of time.Cleaning/Storage:Very easy to clean! Soap, rinse, dry, complete.Storing in the box is easy and about the size of a novel. The bag is also nice and can make it more compact for travel.Level of Fun:This is VERY fun. If you’re experienced or interested in backdoor play, or are looking for a g-spot vibrator with some range in terms of intensity, this is a great choice, and it’s very reasonably priced.As stated, the remote means this toy has a lot of potential for both solo and partner use!

  2. Norwhale

    It can also be use for your lady as G-spot vibrator that can expand inside her or you.I have included pictures of the box, its continence, The P-spot vibrator with the remote, usb charging cable and nice storage bag. The directions are simple and easy to follow. I show the P-spot expanded to the max about 1 ¾ inches and 1 3/8 inches in the natural state. You can see the power buttons. There are three one for power on and the 10 different modes (this is also the standby mode that is required on for the remote to operate) that can go from soft to very powerful. The middle button controls the inflation of the head. The top button releases the air, deflates and the vibe goes back to normal size. This can also be done on the remote by pressing the inflation button twice quickly. Do not use it submerged in water inflated. You can control all modes with the remote. It is soft and feels very nice. I found the size not too large for insertion and it hits the p-spot with good vibrations. The buttons allow you to make to vibrate separately without inflation and inflated you feel good pressure on the spot. It s multiple speeds and the rhythm are easy to change on the vibe or control inserted from soft to mind rocks off. I found it easy to insert (I like to stand with one leg raised)not too big. Use with a good anal lube and it’ll slip right in and oh it feels so good. The vibrator gets you going fast; find the speed and cadence you like best. Inflation was easy, the vibrations do change when inflated different put not as strong, still very good. Inflated it will stay in places you can walk around excited. Make sure to deflate before removing.You can use it alone or with your partner. What fun it is to have her controlling when it moves you. I also have the panty vibe and I can control its vibe when she wears it. Fun times when we both control the other to wiggle and create sexual stressors in public. It was charged when it arrived but I completed the charge right out of the box. The pulses are soft to strong use good water based lube and the volcano will be exploding. An enjoyable p-spot play time with her in control. I would say this is a toy that should be in every man or woman’s toy box. Man tested and approved. I will get a second one so I to can play anally with her at the same time. Not tested on her yet but will do nicely for double penetration. OH what fun it is. She really enjoys controlling my anus with this toy.

  3. Jimmy

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is a really nice product. It comes discreetly to your door. It is a decent size. I’d say it’s a medium size toy that inflates and deflates with ease. It has a strong vibe. It also has a remote which makes things a little easier. All in all I’d say this toy hits all the marks!

  4. Justin

    Oh man, this is hands down my new favorite toy – and maybe even my new favorite thing I own. Where do I start?!The box is pretty nondescript (see image, the other sides are blank) and comes with a handy & quality bag for storage. The length and slight curve is perfect: fun and easy and satisfying. That said, the deflated size may still be just long/wide enough to be a little intimidating or uncomfortable for beginners, but don’t be afraid: it makes it the perfect toy to work toward!! IT’S SO WORTH IT.And the inflation -I mean that’s its deal right– is AMAZING. Going from fully deflated to fully inflated while its fully inserted (and ESPECIALLY while it’s fully inserted and vibrating) is unlike any other feeling I’ve ever had. It’s ridiculous in the best way possible; I mean, look at the pictures! It’s no joke. It can even make it double as a vibe plug in that regard. But you can also use it as a trainer!!! You can inflate in small steps pre-insertion to slowly size up. I’ve even used it as an expander: inserted just the tip and slowly expanded it in steps to work up. So it’s fun AND versatile! ;)The vibration is surprisingly strong, like WHOA good. Stage 1 is good and then going to stage 2 and 3 my eyes almost bugged outta my skull. The remote works perfectly, the price is insanely good for how well this works and how good it feels. The company also has VERY good customer service, so it’s not like buying a knock-off and hoping for the best. They’re kind and quick to respond to questions. JUST BUY IT.

  5. Fred Dumbo

    I’m a straight guy and new to this anal play so I wasn’t sure what to buy. I bought 4 different anal vibrators – 3 from other manufacturers. I have mixed reviews of the others. This one though, oh this one, so far it’s the best of the 4. Given a good lube this goes in very smooth and once its inflated, it feels great and stays in. I’ve had no problem with inflating and deflating either from the device itself or using the remote. Using the buttons on the vibrator or the remote I can change the rotation mode and vibration mode AND fully pause (not just go to a low setting). The other vibrators don’t have the pause on the remote which is ridiculous. Regardless of rotation mode or vibration mode this plug wants to stay in.The girth on this puppy is 1.5″ uninflated and 2″ inflated. Again, this is my 1st go with using anal vibrators and I had no problem with the 1.5″ going in, but the trick is to go slow. Once in, for me, I found I had to have it inflated to use the different rotation and vibration modes otherwise it ended up popping out. But inflated it stays in no problem. I find I can wear this without rotation or vibration around the house without issue. The rotation and vibration are full function so you can have just rotation or just vibration or combine them. I love it. And there is a good selection of from all modes, so there’s a few that I’ve found I really enjoy.One last thing to mention. I’ve had an issue with odor – crap odor – on the other vibrators I bought. All are medical grade silicone. Wash with soap, soak with vinegar and wash again and then the odor has mostly diminished. For some reason I’ve had no issue with this vibrator – wash with soap (anti-bacterial) and water and ready to store in the drawer for a while.Before I forget, you can’t go wrong with the shape of this vibrator. And I really must mention that I am sold on this inflation for a much better feel of the vibrator.

  6. James and Becky E.

    This is an awesome toy. Goes I. Easy and inflates to stay in and press against the right spots. This toy blew my mind the first time I used it. There is only one thing I would complain about but it’s nothing to stress if you remember to charge it up before use. My wife and I were playing with it for a long time and it went dead. Well it takes power to release the air to deflate. Not a problem as it is real easy to find the charging hole and plug it in for 30 seconds. Then unplug, turn on and deflate. I guess some people could pull that sucker right out too but wow. Not me and not going to try. Still am so happy with this toy. Would highly recommend.

  7. ArrowLXIX

    I am always interested in the inflatables as I really like the 3 different ones I already have. The trinity vibe has always been my goto for warming up so when I saw this new toy, at the price being offered, there was no question. It arrived in standard Prime time and the packaging was typically discreet. It was packaged very well and included a velvety storage pouch. An always welcome sight. There was no delay on the try out, and I can tell you it has to be one of my absolute favorites for stimulating the pspot. The inflation is a kick. Vibrations were plenty strong enough to cover the increased space created when inflated. I really like the circle loop at the end, as not only does it provide a secure stopper, it also serves as a great finger hold for when those hands get all slippery from lube. I am a fan of the size although I would love to see a larger size for more advanced users. Someday perhaps! Don’t wait. At the price it will end up being a new go to!

  8. jack mackenroth

    I love this toy. I could never use Inflatable toys before because they were alway latex and I’m highly allergic. This is easy to operate. All silicone and you can see in the second photo how big it gets (max). I put a quarter in the photo so you can see scale. It’s awesome. Feels amazing! 5 STARS!!!

  9. CJ Jameson

    This is a very unique Prostate Massage Toy! The vibrator part is adjustable and if desired has a very strong and fast vibration speed to drive you crazy in a great way!Keep this in mind: The inflatable part can help to HOLD IT IN if you were to be moving around, which is great because some toys can simply fall out when you don’t want them to and this toy helps solve that issue.It also has a great handle on it for removal or pulling play. The remote works great and you can use it by yourself or with a playmate.Definitely a quality product with very unique features that are great.

  10. Jonathan

    This toy is absolutely amazing!!With it’s shadow and waterproof design, and restore features this already is a great toy… Then add the unique inflating feature- this is my girlfriend new favorite toy. Powerful and very nicely designed loop to guide and control. It safely limits the inflation, not sure what magic does this, but it does inflate the same (roughly) erm- in use or outside. It safely deflayes in a second out two max. All around a wonderful toy. Will use very often. Extremely satisfied. Very worth it, you won’t regret it!!

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