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BDSM spider gag – fetish gear for your next slave bondage session

A spider gag, also known as an arachnid gag, spider bit gag, or simply a gag bit, consists of an object placed in the mouth to prevent speech and suck objects through the use of pressure on the tongue and mouth. The device can have many different shapes, one of which resembles a spider’s mandibles or fangs. Hence the name!

What is a spider gag?

A spider gag is a type of oral sex ball. It consists of an oblong ring with two leather straps attached to it, one passing through each ring. The wearer’s mouth is forced open by the ring, and his or her head is immobilized by having a strap run around it just below ear level. The bottom (or sub) keeps his or her mouth open with their tongue; therefore it is impossible to speak coherently or move the jaw much (if at all). The top (dom) decides whether or not to allow anything into that mouth in any way he or she pleases!

How to use a spider gag?

The spider gag is similar to a ring gag, with straps running through rings at each end. One strap goes behind and above the head, another between and below it; these two straps meet at a buckle on top of the head. The wearer cannot back their mouth open wide enough to bite down or move more than an inch away from the center. A spider gag’s purpose is mostly humiliation, as it makes speech difficult or impossible while also forcing open one’s mouth in an unnatural position. Spider gags are often used in BDSM play, where they can be combined with other forms of bondage such as a spreader bar. This kind of gag is not designed to hold up against vigorous struggling or kicking. It must be made so that it will not cause serious injury if it breaks loose. Some spider gags have holes in them for breathing (and/or feeding).

Others do not have holes but include a slit that allows access to the mouth from behind when needed. Still, others have no slits but allow access by lacing through eyelets located near each corner of the mouth hole; once laced up these eyelets cannot be reached by tongue or teeth and so provide security against biting out even if there are no holes for breathing. Spider gags come in many different styles, including inflatable spider gags and ones with interchangeable rings. Inflatable spider gags start out small like any normal ball gag then quickly inflate into place using a hand pump or orally. Inflatable spider gags tend to be cheaper than non-inflatable styles since they require less material overall. Interchangeable spider gags allow you to change what style you want depending on your mood or outfit. You can choose different colors or materials too!

What do you need a spider gag?

Although designed to be used in a bedroom setting, spider gags aren’t suited to all play partners. As such, it’s important to speak with and learn more about your partner before incorporating one into your fun. If you are new to BDSM or kink in general, speak with an experienced partner or respected third party. This person will help you determine if playing with a spider gag is safe and suitable for you and/or your partner. They’ll also advise on how best to use it.

And remember: You may want a spider gag, but that doesn’t mean your partner does! Respect their boundaries, ask questions, and do not pressure them into doing something they don’t want to do. In order to ensure everyone involved has a good time—and stays safe—always discuss what you intend to do beforehand and make sure everyone is on board. When choosing a spider gag, look for products made from body-safe materials like silicone or thermoplastic rubber (TPR). While TPR isn’t as durable as silicone, it’s easier to clean (which can be helpful when dealing with saliva) and some people find its material properties more comfortable than those of silicone. Spider gags can also come with D-rings at either end of their cords so that multiple users can easily hold them in place.

Safety tips

The Spider Gag is used in BDSM and Bondage to hold a slave or submissive’s mouth open, exposing their soft palate and tongue. These gags are typically made of metal and padded with leather or rubber to ensure comfort while doing their job. While it may seem intimidating at first, there are precautions that must be taken when using these gags because they put pressure on sensitive areas in your mouth. Always make sure that any pointy edges on these gags have been rounded off before putting them in use and avoid jabbing them into an unwilling partner’s mouth, as you could inflict injury on their jaw or tongue.

As always, communication is the key. Your playmate should always tell you if something hurts them so that you can stop what you’re doing immediately. And remember: never leave a bound person alone! If someone’s wearing one of these spider gags, then all attention should be focused on them until they’re free again. It doesn’t matter how aroused you get; if someone needs help getting out of bondage, and then help them! Keep safety paramount in your mind at all times during playtime so that everyone has fun without getting hurt!