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Gagging has been on the top of the list of things to do when you try bondage sex or the whole range of BDSM. If you have not tried this yet, you might be missing out on some insane pleasure. Thinking about trying it? Start with an open mouth gag.

How does an Open Mouth Gag work?

A few of you might feel a bit intimidated when you see a gag for the first time. But trust us on this, you will never be able to give it up once you try it out with your partner. If you have a dom-sub relationship, then a gag that works in an open mouth is something you cannot afford to miss. This is designed to intensify the relationship that a submissive has with a dominant. Your partner will be totally surrendering to you with this gag since they will be completely unable to speak.

The open mouth gag comes with straps that are adjustable and can be attuned to the circumference of your head and mouth. The middle of the gag has a ring which is made of rubber. This will let your partner breathe easily without having to choke. In fact, this is the best type of gag if you are only starting out to experiment with gags. Other gags can make your partner go out of breath and face other issues, but not the open mouth one.

The straps are made of leather usually, or rubber at other times. They are very delicate but firm in their grip. This is so that your partner can feel comfortable wearing the open mouth gag. The straps are also stretchable so that they do not bruise the skin when your partner expends their mouth.

Decide which one of you wants to be the submissive and go on a roll with an open mouth gag. You could also come up with ideas of role play and then use a gag in that. Gags are such sex toys which will make any regular session feel like you are living your favorite bondage porn. So, why wait? Make your sex life better now by purchasing a gag.