chastity belt for men

chastity belt for men


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  • SIZE INFORMATION – Cage length: 25mm, such as female chastity belt, male chastity cage device, spiked chastity, bondage chastity, metal chastity cage   inner diameter: 34mm. 4 different sizes of cock rings for men to choose.
  • SAFE MATERIAL – This chastity cage is made of biosourced resin, non-poisonous and odourless.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The design allows your penis to breathe freely even in bondage. Makes normal excretion possible during all day wear.
  • SEXUAL PLEASURE – Whether you have a bondage experience, handing over control to your partner, which can increase the stimulation of sexual life.
  • PRIVACY SHIPPING – There is no project information on the label and your privacy will be well protected.
TERNENCE Stainless Steel Small Male Chastity Device Ergonomic Design Cock Cage S245 (1.77 inch / 45mm)
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Product Description

chastity cage<img alt=”chastity cage” src=”,0,600,180_PT0_SX600_V1___.jpg”/>

chastity cageChastity device may be used as part of a practice of orgas-m control, to prevent the wearer from engaging principally in sexual intercourse without the permission of the dominant, who acts as “keyholder”. There are only two reasons that push a couple to choose male chastity.

1.To improve relations with one’s partner;

2.To improve your life and share pleasurable, rich and intense moments.

chastity cage

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TERNENCE Stainless Steel Small Male Chastity Device Ergonomic Design Cock Cage S240 (1.57 inch / 40mm)

Safe and Health

Our chastity device is made of medical resin, and the resin softens slightly upon contact with heat. Simple to use, internally locking device comes in black, purple, clear and especially pink. It has perforations at the tip of the cage, the air holes allow a very good venting, the opening located at the end of the urethra makes it possible to urinate comfortably.

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chastity cage

Size Information

Cage length: 2.34inch approx.; Cage inner diameter: 1.37inch approx. Rings: 1.41″, 1.57″, 1.77″ and 1.98″.

100% waterproof, the design and materials used makes it easy to clean. Enjoy sex with your partner in the pool, living room, balcony, bathroom, beach or anywhere you want

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chastity cage

Opening design for Convenient Use

There is a urination hole in the top the cage, which makes excrete normally during all day wear. Please clean the cage before and after use. Keep the cage dry if you do not use it.

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chastity cage

chastity cage

chastity cage

Suggestions for Comfortable Wear

The product may have a little edges and corners, you can use sandpaper to polish. We recommend you use some lubricant or put the ring & tube under warm water if difficult to insert.

An innovative design

As for ergonomics, you just need to look at the ring to understand that its shape is perfectly suited to the male anatomy. Look closely at the device and its system of closure, the device is very easy to install.

Instructions for Use

Lubricate the chastity cage and cuff rings for easy slide.

Our chastity cage comes with 4 rings, you can adjust freely. Choose a suitable cuff ring for yourself.

Lift the chastity cage and slide your tentum into it.

Lock the cage after adjustment and hand the key over to your partner.

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Black, Clear, Pink, Purple

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August 14, 2019

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10 reviews for chastity belt for men

  1. Joel S.

    If you fantasize about your small cock being held firmly into tiny a chastity that keeps you firmly held against your pelvis. Im locked tightly in my new cage for over 12 hrs and my little dick has been firmly pressed against my pelvis the entire time. The inside diameter is alot smaller than my other two cages I got before I got the urge to be trapped in a very small chastity cage. I tried the cb6000 first it was uncomfortable and broke quickly,i had to much room when I was soft. I got a clear blue cage with the same design as this on,it’s a clear blue cage and a size small. It fit much better and I could sleep in it no problem, but still i had some room when I wasn’t aroused. I bought this cage when I was super horny and wanted experience having myself locked up and packed into a very small cage.

  2. SoloOffGrid

    The cage itself is very small and unforgiving, even for a smaller-than-average person like myself. That said, once I fully put it on, it was more comfortable than the other 3 devices I own (of various sizes). Because it doesn’t allow for any movement at all, there isn’t the usual shifting and pinching you get with a lot of cages. You can go out and move and exercise without worrying about sudden intense pain putting a crimp in your day.The ring is NOT comfortable to wear by itself. There are two sharp edges where the two pieces connect, so choose the largest size that fits and don’t attempt to wear it by itself. You may try filing it down a bit but that didn’t help much for me. If you do, you might just stick to filing it with an emery board. I tried a Dremel but it can a bit too aggressive, even if you just use the buffing attachment. Consider the two pieces a set and you’ll be fine.I highly recommend this device to anyone average or smaller sized. Its like wearing a comforting, all-day bear hug.

  3. Meathead

    I’ve been wearing The Nub for 3 days now and it’s totally changed my life. First, getting it on: my owner didn’t have any problems putting the penis sheath on since I am very small, the only issue was getting my scrotum through the largest ring. My owner had to lube the whole sack and get each ball through one at a time. Since The Nub was locked around my genitals, I’ve had a little pinching underneath my scrotum, but I’ve been allowed to keep it powdered. The plan is to keep it locked and remove it once a week. Dry it completely after a shower because you don’t want the lock to rust closed. It’s impossible to touch or move the penis while wearing. Also my owner told me The Nub will permanently shrink the penis due to atrophy and I have barely any to loose as it is.

  4. Stephen

    Okay, as someone who has worn, and used alot of these devices… I have the T👏👏 To everyone saying “The edges are sharp!”, No true👏 This is one of the smoothest, softest cages I’ve ordered. If you are having an issue with the edges digging in… YOU AREWEARING THE WRONG SIZE! Try using the next ring up.. If you are using the biggest ring… CONGRATS! Your too big for this cage! Let’s talk comfort. Its VERY comfortable! Maybe not as breathable as it claims, as it does hold moisture. This may not be ideal for long term continual wear, but if you are cleaning it every day.. It is very light, I would say perfect to wear to work, or to work out in. The lock.. Idk yet.. Its new, but assume that most locks will break down eventually. DONT PANIC! You can “Almost” always get out. This is plastic.. I dont doubt it could be cut or broken.. Heres a secret, I’ve even bent “stainless steel” cages.. So.. dont freak.”Using the mens room” You should still sit.. Honestly if your wearing this, and have an issue with sitting down in the mens room… this product isn’t for you.. Overall, I think this is really well made, super comfortable, and fits the “less endowed” man perfectly!You’re welcome✌

  5. Marc

    I’ve bought so many of these, hoping one would finally be able to fit without any issues.This is the first one I can’t slip out of. And I tried lolWho knew the trick to ending the discomfort was go smaller.Normally I feel like other ones want me “cut” but the way this one is everything is fine. Feel like it’s okay left uncut.It also doesn’t bulge. Which is very very nice.Going to the restroom with it is not ideal.. I definitely can’t see myself wearing it to work nwithout learning how to use it so I don’t immediately have to wash it after.Overall I’m just surprised by how much I liked it. I thought I was just throwing away another 20 bucks.

  6. G

    So, sharp edges are a concern, but easily fixed. This is 100% for smaller guys. I have tried the cbt2000 and others, but I would slip out. This is perfect for me. It’s snug in all the right places. The just perfect amount of tightness to remind me I’m not in control. I highly recommend and will update when I have been wearing it for awhile.

  7. Mia

    Perfect. I have been searching for a cage specifically like this for my clients and husband for years! I highly recommend this to men who aren’t quite fitting into the average sized cages and have slippage or some type of issue with “peaking out” if you catch what i’m saying. Truly a necessity in my lifestyle! I always have several on hand;)

  8. DonAnon

    This model/size is called “The Nub” from more expensive brands. It comes with multiple sized rings, but the sheath is very small, reducing your appendage to, well, a nub! It’s basically designed for times when you are locked but plan to wear tight fitting pants or a bathing suit. I received mine the other day, sanded down the sharp edges (which is a must for all cages) and promptly stuffed my little guy into place. It took a little time at first, but after some practice I can have it locked in place fairly quickly. It is very concealing, and is the most indistinguishable cage I’ve ever owned. I’ve had it on for 36 hours without any discomfort. My wife did come in and start teasing me in the bath this morning, which caused me to “pop out” of the sheath, so this one is def not for teasing and denial sessions. It may stay in place with a smaller ring, but my sac is pretty bulky so I normally wear the largest ring. I worked in the yard most of the day with no issues, slept in it just fine, and am now at work donning it under my normal clothes. To fully check it’s ability to stay concealed, my wife picked out a pair of very skimpy, cheeky man-panties for me to wear. Between the panties and the nub I’m tucked like a cross dresser! I highly recommend this for swimming or for times when you want to wear tight pants but want to avoid the bulge of a normal cage. Def worth the $20. My wife got a kick out of how tiny it reduced me and has been calling me her little nubby hubby! I’m sure she intends to use it to her advantage very soon. It also makes my ball sac look HUGE! So that’s another fun feature.

  9. Amazon Customer

    The name posted is likely not the generator of this reviewI love this cage out of all the ones I’ve tried. I’m extremely pliable, and can turtle out of most any device but this.It is industry standard for its country of origin and it’s got the typical low-quality features; cast seams that need sanding, grooves further cut, etc, but,,Nothing has quite kept me as fully captured as this one. It really will make you feel apart from your not-required parts, in all the right ways.If you don’t want to spend $100+ bucks on one of these, and you’re a grower or smaller and need something just that bit more,,, controlling; this is it.

  10. Denny

    Wow wasn’t sure I’d like this one but my girlfriend got it on and it fit good. It’s super small but has a larger tube underneath allowing a nice cage. Really looks smaller than it is. I enjoy wearing it daily. The edges internally are really sharp so be careful. I used a knife to cut edges on them and it fit fine with no sharpness.

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