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7 reasons why you should use a butt plug (if you’re a woman)

Have you ever heard of butt plugs? Butt plugs are sex toys designed specifically to target the anal cavity and rectum, with many different kinds of sensations in mind. Many women enjoy using butt plugs as an additional stimulation during foreplay or as the main event during sex with their partner. If you’re not familiar with butt plugs, read on for 7 reasons why you should use one if you’re a woman!

For Fun

Though often overlooked, butt plugs can be a great addition to any woman’s sex toy collection. They can provide extra stimulation during sex, help you experiment with new sensations, and can even be worn out in public for some discreet fun. In addition, they are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. So if you’re looking for a new way to spice up your sex life, why not give butt plugs a try?

To Stimulate Orgasm

Though you can use butt plugs for women during sex, many people enjoy the extra stimulation they provide during masturbation. When used with other forms of stimulation, such as clitoral or vaginal stimulation, they can help you reach orgasm more quickly or make your orgasms more intense. Additionally, the added pressure on the G-spot can lead to some pretty amazing orgasms. One thing that is important to keep in mind when using butt plugs for women is that not all butt plugs are made from body-safe materials and can contain toxic chemicals. So, always be sure to buy high-quality products that are made from silicone or rubber.

To Loosen Up Your Vagina

Butt plugs for women can actually help loosen up your vagina. The reason is that when you insert a butt plug, it puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. This in turn can help relax those muscles and make them more flexible. As a result, your vagina will be better able to accommodate things like sex toys and fingers. It’ll also be much easier to have an orgasm because there’ll be more blood flow to the vaginal region. While butt plugs for women may seem big, they are about the size of a finger so you shouldn’t have any trouble inserting one unless there’s something else wrong with your body. And even if they are too big, there are always smaller sizes out there!

To Get Over Urinary Tract Infections

The urinary tract is infected when it contracts a urinary tract infection or UTI. The urinary system includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. UTIs are common in women. In fact, about 1 in 5 women will have a UTI at some point in their lives. A butt plug can help you avoid getting a UTI by providing stimulation to the G-spot and preventing bacteria from entering the urethra. Stimulating your G-spot with a toy like a butt plug will also release fluid that flows up into the urethra which helps flush out any bad bacteria that might be trying to enter your body.

Pleasure during Sex

Perhaps the most obvious reason to use a butt plug is to experience pleasure during sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating, so using a butt plug can help increase pleasurable sensations. In addition, the anal area is full of nerve endings that can provide pleasurable sensations when stimulated. For some women, these pleasurable sensations are more intense than vaginal stimulation alone and this may lead to orgasm quicker. The intensity of these types of orgasms has also been called amalgams.

To Help Ease Painful Periods

For some women, using a butt plug can help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. The pressure on the anal canal can help relieve some of the pressure on the uterus, providing much-needed relief. That being said, it’s important to know that it’s not recommended to use anything but water-based lubricant when inserting an object into your anus for any reason. If you are experiencing period cramps and want to try this method out, make sure you use a lube like KY Jelly or Sliquid H2O that is safe for both sex and anal play.

It’s More Intimate

When you use a butt plug, you are more intimately connected with your partner. This is because you are both sharing the experience of pleasure and intimacy. There is also a physical connection that occurs when you use butt plugs for women. This is because the anus is located near the vagina and clitoris, which means that stimulation of the anus, can indirectly stimulate these other areas. It’s More Comfortable: The body usually responds well to anal play, which is why many people find it pleasurable. If you take the time to explore what does or doesn’t feel good during anal play, then this will help increase the comfort level of using butt plugs for women.

Though it may be daunting to try something new in the bedroom, using butt plugs for women can lead to amazing and intense orgasms. If you’re curious about anal play, start with a small butt plug and work your way up. With a little lube, you’ll be on your way to backdoor bliss!