Butt Plug Set
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Butt Plug Set


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  • 100% Brand newSmooth, Solid Metal in Design, Jewel Adornment
  • safe,non-poisonous and no odour. Great for Beginners Enrich Your Sex Life
  • Its surface is quite smooth,nice touch feelings in hand,and convenient to insert inside
  • Use destructive secret packaging bag to keep the contents discrete and private.
  • These jeweled butt plugs make a great gift to your loved one and you will love putting them on them!

Product Description


TO MAKE YOU HIGH TIDE SURGING, CAN’T REFUSE THE REASON – Refused tedious multiple pleasure, not enjoy the same sex stimulation, sex rigidly adhere to a form, you want to play the cube, different combinations can bring you infinite mystery of sexual pleasure -These stunning chrome-plated Metal plugs are beautifully designed for comfortable long-term wear. Enjoy a constant sensation as these plugs weigh more than others while the gemstone-like detailing on the handle of the plug adds a little sparkle to your stimulation. -Enjoy it solo or use it as a perfect couples toy. Enjoy! NOTICE: This product is for individuals and couples to use, please note hygiene before and after use.

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Black, Blue, Colorful, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Purple, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, White

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5.31 x 3.9 x 1.69 inches; 10.58 Ounces

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September 2, 2016

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10 reviews for Butt Plug Set

  1. Customer

    I recieved these about three weeks ago and have loved them. I have used them every day since I recieved them, but still cannot fit the largest one entirely ;PThe solid round base gets uncomfortable in the early afternoon, especially if I have been sitting in class all day, but can be remedied by a quick break to the restroom to apply some lube. They are very smooth which makes them easy and painless to remove constantly and after my lube has dried up.As I said above, I LOVE these. I would hate to give them up!

  2. AmazonUser

    This is an excellent set of anal plugs especially if you’re a beginner. Even after owning these for some time my wife has not advanced passed the smallest one. They change in size quickly and she notices when I “try” to slip in a larger one. These are great quality and look excellent as well. They are easy to use with a little lube and are deeply enjoyed. Great value. Get your self a set and play around a little, spice things up! Would highly recommend.

  3. Amazon Customer

    These were smaller than I was expecting. I had looked at the dimensions while holding a ruler before ordering, and somehow they still seemed small to me upon arrival. The eyes have a weird disconnect there because it certainly feels big enough once you actually use it.We’ve only used the smallest one so far, but this was definitely a worthwhile purchase. They’re more solid and heavier than I thought I’d be getting for the price. I was skeptical of how cute that could look even with a jewel on it, but these really are aesthetically pleasing. More to the point, they are a lot of fun. We’ve used it twice since they showed up yesterday and are both already looking forward to using it again later today.

  4. Clarence Thomas

    Still haven’t quite convinced the wife, wish this came with some “informational pamphlets”.Seems to be of excellent quality and craftsmanship.

  5. Generic

    I have been at the back door game awhile. that being said, these are the most comfortable plugs I have ever owned. size of the base have a nice flare, metal is far easier to clean than silicone, and the weight of the 5oz. (the largest) isn’t to mush that a beginner would be nervous. Would buy again.

  6. Nina

    These are my first metal plugs. I am an engineer, so i’ll go ahead and dimension these out for you. I have skipped the height of the sloped bit between the neck and the baseMaterial looks to be a chrome-plated copper-core. Thus, they are non-magnetic and the surface finish is reasonably hard.The gem is fairly soft. No reaction with IPOH. Color loss with acetone, but no surface damage. Is scratched by copper, but not a fingernail. I don’t have better tools on hand. the gem is likely mounted with something like superglue. The bond weakens with the application of extreme heat or cold.Smallest Plug1.78 Oz or 50 gOverall length 2.835″Neck, 0.355 ” * 0.810″Bulb 1.160″ at the widestand about 1.645″ longBase 1.250″ * 0.110″Watch out for this one going right up and disappearing … If your bum gets a little eager and gapes for just a moment…. i had it in a condom, so i was able to get it back… There was a story on the BBC bout a girl that didn’tMiddle Plug3.10 Oz or 88 gOverall length 3.255″Neck, 0.430 ” * 0.828″Bulb 1.340″ at the widestand about 1.950″ longBase 1.335″ * 0.205″Largest Plug5.21 Oz or 148 gOverall length 3.731″Neck, 0.500 ” * 0.900″Bulb 1.582″ at the widestand about 2.300″ longBase 1.642″ * 0.210″mine came packaged in little red bags.

  7. Monique Flannagan

    I used to get painful cramping after good solo sessions but no more with my friendly assitant! Plus it adds another pleasurable dimension to the experience. I wish I had known about this product years ago.

  8. adugan714

    I’m no beginner with anal, so the biggest was my go to in the set. It’s so beautiful and it feels amazing walking around with it in. I’ve bought silicone plugs before but these are so much better! Plus they don’t hold smells like the silicone ones. I want to buy more in different colors! Buy these!

  9. Paul G.

    Sizes make for a good selection, has nice pouches for each one and looks great in her. Build quality is solid and ‘gem’ is affixed very well.

  10. Caelis

    EDIT: I’ve had this set for OVER TWO YEARS now, and they still look and work exactly the same! I haven’t used them daily or been extremely rough with them so I can’t say how they hold up to abuse, but used with care and washed many, many times, none of the ‘gems’ popped out and I’ve had no issues whatsoever. This is the real deal!!!Original Review: I was pleasantly surprised with these and I honestly can’t believe I waited so long to purchase! The jewels are gleaming and even prettier than the stock photos suggest but true to the color depicted. The little bags they come in are great for storage, they each have a nice weight to them and they work, well..as intended 😉 They’re ridiculously easy to clean, unlike their silicone counterparts.Several people said that the plating came off quickly, or the jewels came off, or it had sharp edges. Mine have nice, smooth, curved edges and both the small and medium are surprisingly extremely comfortable (and discreet!) to wear for extended periods. Maybe not all day, but I tested the small out for at least an hour with walking, running and sitting and I felt like I could wear it all day. The medium got a little uncomfortable at the hour mark, but the base was never irritating so that’s personal preference. The large has a much larger base and is best for short-term use. As for the jewels, I could see them coming out over time but they could easily be superglued back on.Overall, for $14 this is a steal of a set.I bought this item with my own hard-earned money, but feel free to let me know if this review was helpful. 🙂

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