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If you don’t know, a bibrator is an electric toy used for sexual pleasure. They were something I had wanted to try for a while now, but was really hesitant because of how expensive bibrators can be.


Finally, after researching bibrators for days on end, I found the best bibrator out there! It’s called LELO Mona 2 Luxury G-spot vibrater for women and it is perfect. The price ranges from $149-$399 depending on which one you want.

This bibrator offers 10 different vibration modes with the touch of a button! This bibrator also comes with 100% guarantee so if anything goes wrong or if you’re unhappy about your order, they will fix. Recently vibratirs have expanded in their application when they are not limited to women who are lonely, but used by couples.

What bibrator can do is basically easy stimulation of the female clitoris with a vibrating function. The bibrator might be called genital vibrator for this reason. But there is also vibratior which has no resemblance to genitals or sexual organ.

Bibrators looks like conventional household appliances such as electric toothbrush or vacuum cleaner, so sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish them from conventional appliances if you’re not aware bibrators are designed for sexual purpose.

But why are vibrador toys very popular recently? There are several reasons that contribute to its increasing popularity among women and men.


Most women can achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. But for some women, it takes more than that to reach climax. That is when a rose vibrator can come in very handy. Read on for our guide to using these sexual aids properly.

Turn It On – Before you turn the sex toy on, make sure your hands are clean and dry; if not, you could end up with an electrocution or worse (think yeast infection). Also, if this bibrator has different speeds or settings , always start out slow . You don’t want to wind up overstimulated before the stimulation. Get yours today, and be happy!!