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ENHOT Sex Machine Mechanical Information

Product Name:  Sex Machine(Auto retractable machine)

  • Motor Pushing Force: 35N
  • Motor Thrusting Speed: 70-250times/minute
  • Machine Operating Sound: 40-45DB
  • Adjust Angle:  as you wish and bolt joint is fixed very well, very stable
  • Machine Material: madical grade ABS and Eco-friendly TPE, silicon suction cup
  • Telescoping Length: about 6cm
  • Output Voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 240V (It can be adjusted to work according to your country’s voltage)

Sex Machine VS A3 machine





  • Appearance:Papi is more beatiful and stable  vs A3 is rough
  • Machine Operating Sound:  Papi is very quiet, A3 is too noisy ; Papi: 40-45DB   vs A3: over 65DB
  • 3. Motor Pushing Force: Papi is more powerfulPapi: 35 N vs A3: 18 N
  • Motor Thrusting Speed:  A3 is too fast even at low speed :  Papi: 70-250times/minute vs A3: 150-300times/minute
  • Telescoping Length: Papi: about 6cm vs A3: only 4cm
  • Machine Material and Smell: Papi use medical grade ABS & Eco-friendly TPE   vs A3 use cheap ABS and TPE
  • Machine Material and Smell: silicone suction cup, no smell vs A3 use rubber suction cup, big smell
  • Adjust Angle: Papi: as you wish and bolt joint is fixed vs A3: bolt joint is fixed not well, not stable
  • Adjust Angle: very well, very stable, can hold any big  vs it is hard to stay stable when using big
  • Adjust Angle: or heavy dildos, masturbation cup vs or heavy dildos, masturbation cup


Package Include (the things which should be in the box)

  • 1 x Sex Machine
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Plug Adapter
  • 1 x big dildo is C-22 (length18cm* Diameter3-4cm)
  • 1 x big dildo is C-26 (length19cm* Diameter3.5-4.5cm)
  • 1 x anal dildo is C-09 (length21.5cm* Diameter2.5cm)
  • 1 x anal dildo is C-16 (length18cm* Diameter2 cm)
  • 1 x standard dildo(length20cm* Diameter3-4cm)
  • 1 x big dildo is C-38(length23cm* Diameter2-5cm)
  • 1 x Extension Tube (20cm)
  • 1 x transformable extension rod
  • 2 x penis rings(the color is RANDOM!!!!!!)

Please Note: all the attachments dildos can’t vibrate, the eggs are only fillers, no vibrating function!

Dear buyers, If you don’t like the dildos and want bigger dildos, you can visit our shop to choose other dildos, there are About 65-70 types dildos for you to choose.And if your place is the remote place of DHL, DHL will ask remote fee, about $35, so we suggest remote place buyer:

  • you can give us new address, not remote place
  • you can add some money, we will send by TNT or EMS
  • you can pay the remote charge, $35
  • you can cancel this order




  • When you receive the parcel, please check the carton is good or not, and if all things are in the package or not.
  • If all items are in the package, you can see the the below pictures, which show to you how to install the sex machine:
  • Our power supply and speed controller is the best quality ,so it is special, have CE and ROHS certificates.
  • You can tell me which country you are from, so we can send the correct plug to you.
  • there are UK, Europe, USA, AU and other kinds plugs for you to choose. don’t worry!!!!




Step 1 : open the plastic bag and check the metal parts, there are 1 connector ,2 screws and one tool, you must prepare one screwdriver to install the connector.03

  • The tool is used to adjust the degree of tightness.


  • Step 2, use screwdriver to install the screw on the metal frame.


  • ok ,all is finished, you can enjoy it.






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